SGS Marine Collagen

*Clinical Studies in France & Japan shown to:

Improve skin hydration to achieve glowing & radiant complexion
Reduce wrinkles & promotes anti-aging to restore elasticity & firmness
Relief joint pains, improve bone density (prevent osteoporosis)
Healthy weight loss, replace fats with lean muscle mass
Prevent hair loss, strengthen nails & improve sleep pattern
SGS Beautify Pure Marine Collagen contains only the clinically proven Peptan™, the best quality of type I Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptide made in France by a leading manufacturer which has more than 120 years of collagen research & development history.

It is made with enzymatic hydrolysis of fish skin. The patented process provides unique structure of small molecule protein which is completely dissolved in water and form a clear solution.

Thus it is easily absorbed by our digestive system. It is 100% natural pure Food, free of preservatives and additives.

It is the only collagen supported with clinical studies* in France & Japan on its effectiveness in providing health benefits for skin, hair & nails, joint & bones, weight management and sports performance.

SGS Beautify Pure Marine Collagen Promotes Skin Health

Pure Marine Collagen holds the key to healthy skin? density, resilience, firmness & elasticity. It helps to reduce wrinkles, promote anti-aging and increase skin hydration. Collagen builds tissue to assist in healing damaged skin.

Scientific Evidence Measurement After 7 days After 1 month After 3 months
Skin Hydration Corneometer +26% +83% +93%
Skin Firmness +24% +78% +92%
Skin Elasticity +28% +81% +92%


SGS Beautify Pure Marine Collagen reduces the depth & width of the wrinkles.


Number of deep wrinkles – skin replica analysis

Before After 2 months % improvement
Wrinkle Depth 39.3um 30.3um 22.6%
Wrinkle Width 31.2um3/mm2/100 18.7um3/mm2/100 40.1%

SGS Beautify Pure Marine Collagen Promotes Joint & Bone Health

Pure Marine Collagen helps to reduce joint pain, strengthen bone, cartilage, ligament, muscle & tendon. It significantly improves bone mass density (prevent osteoporosis).

Clinical studies shown that after a period of 30 to 90 days, patients show positive effect on pain reduction and significant improvement in knee joint discomfort.

SGS Beautify Pure Marine Collagen Promotes Weight Management

Pure Marine Collagen provides a feeling of fullness to decrease food intake.

It encourages the rapid absorption of the essential amino acids, glysine, proline & hydroxyproline that can replenish lean muscle mass and reduce the body fats.

It therefore has a positive role in weight loss and body building to achieve a firmer, trimmer body.

Other Benefits

Pure Marine Collagen helps to prevent hair loss, strengthen nails, repair internal organs and improve elasticity of blood vessel.

Recommended Intake:

Dissolve 1 sachet with water or any hot or cold beverage, milo, honey water or fruit juice.

For better result, take 2 sachets a day for the first two to three months.

Best taken before breakfast (as your body? absorption is at its best in the morning) and before bedtime (as during the first two hours of sleep, known as the alpha cycle, the body rebuilds best and collagen consumed helps to promote skin renewal and heal joint and bone).

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